Pest COntrol

Welcome to Totalfix Pest Control Services

Whether your property is or , We  provide industry-leading solutions to keep pests away.
Our pest control services provide the highest levels of risk management, reassurance, and responsiveness to give you piece of mind.
No matter the pest, We will develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs. This includes to ensure the safety of your pets. From different types of fumigation treatments to residual disinfection, pre-construction protection services and more, we are here to ensure that your commercial and residential properties remain pest-free.

What We Have Here for You

With TotalFix you can book specific and generic treatments for your House or Office to keep your love ones safe from Harmful Insects and rats.

General Pest Control

if you're having problems related to insects at your home, General Pest Control is the best solution for you to get rid of all types of insects.

Termite Control

Our high quality termiticides control remove every kind of termites within seconds from your office or home.

House-fly Control

Houseflies are the most common insects found in homes and it's the main host to bring in bacteria. Book our services to get rid of them forever instantly.


Rats are responsible for destroying the expensive property as well as make various health problems for people that's why we offer solutions to make safe your industrial, commercial, residential property.

Bed Bug Control

Bug like Bed Bug, Spiders and Mites can cause serious skin itching. Get a Bug treatment control before they spread.

vacuum cleaner, vacuuming, cleaning


Pigeon and other similar birds exploit food and makes home dirty. So to keep your home clean and food safe book our services now!

Why Choose Us?

We offer effect pest control at a very affordable price for homeowners and business-owner all over the Delhi. We provide service delivery within 24 hours by our pest control experts.

We follow odourless and environmental friendly services at your doorsteps.